Sewing seems utilitarian. Practical. Solid. Yet in it I find something deeply satisfying--a creative art that meets important needs. I hope my quest to challenge myself, explore, and create, inspires you on your own creative journey.

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Recording My Life in Stitches

The Coral Dress 

          Welcome to Corativity! My name is Amy, and I love all things fiber arts, but I especially love to create clothing. I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery pages and getting ideas.

          Have you ever thought that your work might make an excellent record of your life? Every item that I make is created for some specific purpose. The dress on the left is just one example. As soon as I saw the vibrant colors, I knew that fabric would look perfect on my daughter. She loved the dress and wore it for over a year, until it was "just too tight!" That dress saw some important events, including her grandmother's funeral.

          Sometimes I see my work as art. At other times I view it more technically. There's a science to getting the right lines and shapes, or the perfect drape of the perfect fabric.

          Whenever I look back at my creations, I'm amazed at the memories associated with them: "Oh, this was the time when. . . ."

          I could journal. I could blog. But in a way, it's fun just to let the pictures speak for themselves.  

Coral Confection