The Beginning


Five important women influenced my love for sewing, design, and beautiful fiber arts. 

The Magic of a Perfect Fit

Custom clothing feels luxurious, because it fits perfectly, while expressing personality. Clothes that fit right also flatter the wearer. One of my greatest joys is helping people find their own perfect fit.

When I'm sewing, designing, or working with fabric, time no longer exists. All my focus goes into each project, and I love my work!

Classes and More

Thanks for checking out my website! Please contact me about sewing classes for children ages 8 and up, teens, and adults. Classes are by appointment only. I hope you'll also look at my patterns or items for sale. 

Work History

From 2003-2008, I taught classes for a local Bernina dealer. I also owned "Flatter Me," a custom sewing/alterations home business. 

The Studio

In 2011, my husband and I built a custom sewing studio into our house. I teach classes in the studio and do all my sewing there. 


Hi. I'm Amy. I 've been sewing since I was about five years old, when my mom helped me make my first little  
fashion doll dress. I would beg her for scraps, creating tiny dresses and accessories. I have never stopped learning new techniques or trying new things. Sewing is the perfect blend of art, math, history and science.