Colorful Costumes

Authenticity or Artistic License

          Some costumes require authentic materials and techniques. I made the Civil-War Era dress on the left with period-style cotton (seven yards in all) and using only metal hooks for closure. This dress is fun to wear with the hoop skirt underneath.  

          The dress on the right was for a school-sponsored pioneer celebration on a hot summer day. Rather than stick with authentic design, I made a more modern-looking, short-sleeved blouse, and used modern eyelet trim on the gathered apron and skirt hem. I gave a nod to authenticity with the tucks near the hem of the skirt. The straw bonnet is a period-style piece purchased from Amazon Drygoods. 

          In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I accepted the challenge to re-create a Titanic-

era costume with a modern twist. I used a picture of a 1912 slip as an aid to draft a pattern for the purple princess-seamed dress on the left. I love the pleats!

          I made the aqua dress and bonnet on the right to celebrate Jane Austen. The bonnet pattern is my own design.

          The princess dress, below, is one of my favorite costume projects, because it made my daughter so happy! It was wonderful to make special memories with her when she wore it.